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White Rock Taxis Service

The earliest known taxis service in the White Rock area was operated by George Huckin as White Rock Auto Service. He had a McLaughlin–Buick touring car. It is pictured here in front of a home that had been located at 16613 Campbell River Road. The home had been built by William "Billy" Finch before World War I. It was demolished in 1962 to make way for work on the King George Highway. It had been owned at that time by Bill and Myrtle Walton. The highway now runs directly over where the house once stood.

White Rock's first taxis

The first Taxis serving the White Rock area was this McLaughlin–Buick driven by George Huckin. The car has a 1915 license plate and is pictured in front of a house that once stood where the King George Highway crosses Campbell River Road.

In the 1920's Ed Dupraz had a touring car that he used during the summer tourist season for visitors to the Dupraz Cabins or Semiahmoo Cabins along the Great Northern right of way and at the foot of the Duprez ravine. He also provided transportation to Collidicutt Villas.

Ed Duprez' cabins

Semiahmoo Cabins

In the 1920's the population of the White Rock district was very small in the winter but expanded significantly in the summer. Local public transportation tended to appear during the summer tourist season. Population grew, with people displaced by the drought in the Prairies during the 1930's, and the war time housing shortage in Vancouver, so public transportation grew.

Local taxi services were the first to appear just before the Second World War. Sid Seabrook operated Seabrook Taxis out of the Seabrook Cafe. This later became Johnny's Cafe, located west of the Army and Navy Club, and was operated by Ruth Taylor. Reg Taylor and J. D. MacMillan operated Taylor's Taxis from the Semiahmoo Stage Depot. This later became the Travelers' Cafe just west of the White Rock Train Station, and next to the tennis court (later the Canada Customs parking compound). Bill Moffat operated White Rock Taxis out of the Park Cafe in east White Rock. Harold (Mac) McKenzie and Stan McLeod operated a White Rock Taxis out of Bennett's Cafe near the Cloninger Hotel (the present Ocean Beach Hotel). Wilf Szali worked along side Mac McKenzie. Mr. Jack White operated an independent taxis out of White's Grocery located next to the Semiahmoo Sun building. Mr. Billingsley operated an independent taxis operation. Steve Lash took over the Taylor's Taxis service operating out of the Traveller's Cafe.

The unregulated Taxis operations of the 1950s saw consolidation of operations. Taylor moved to Salt Spring Island in 1953. In 1956, and under Taylor's Taxis name, four operations merged; Taylor's (Bill Leach), Centre Taxi (Harold MacKenzie), White Rock Taxis (Wilf Szali), and Park Cabs (Bill Moffat). By 1957 White Rock Radio Cabs emerged as a service and involved; Harold McKenzie, Bill Moffat, Joe Shortman, Jim and Vi Ferguson, and Wilf Szali.

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