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Surrey's Road Names became Road Numbers

Source: River, Roads and Railways; 100 Years of transportation in Surrey. G. Fern Treleaven,
Surrey Museum and Historical Society 1981.

Today's numbering system for addresses in Surrey came into being in 1957. Prior to that there was a name for every road in Surrey. Some roads had several different names throughout their length. As roads were built they often took the name of the builder or the name of the settler whose property that road linked to. There was never any official naming of roads in Surrey. Local communities or individuals named them and then the names went into records and onto maps. People living in Surrey before the 1950s knew the names of local districts, hills and roads. Old timers knew precisely the location of Woodward Hill, Snake Hill, Peterson Hill, Clayton Hill, Enderby Hill or the location of local districts such as Clayton, Hazelmere, Elgin, Strawberry Hill, Sullivan, Surrey Centre etc. Part of the character of Surrey was its place names. They were a part of the local history, and traced the settlement or ethnic background of settlers in Surrey.


In 1957 Surrey Municipality joined with the rest of British Columbia's municipalities in adopting a grid system of streets and addresses. Road names still existed as all diagonal and winding roads have names. Older communities where the road patterns did not fit the grid system retained their names, e.g. Crescent Beach, South Westminster, Bridgeview etc. Some developments like Riverview in North Surrey, locally called Birdland: has names like: Lark, Canary, Hawk etc, on the winding roads; or there is the development in west Cloverdale known as Cowtown. Here you will find names such as Hereford, Holstein, and Jersey etc.


Note: some names are missing from this list as it was taken from the above mentioned book, which may not have captured all of the changes.  If you see something missing, feel free to let us know and we will update the list!


Roads that ran east west have been named Avenues.

0 Boundary, Zero, Lapierre
2 Dufferin
4 Curtis
8 Campbell River, Marine Drive
9 Columbia
10 Pacific
11 Sussex Lane, Cliff
11A Royal
11B Pacific, Beachview
12 Bamford, Buena Vista, McDonald, Sussex Lane
12A Prospect, Kyle Court
13 Roper, Sanford
13A Terry, Marine Drive, Oxenham
14 Lowewood, Thrift, Desmond, Magdelene
14A Darwin, Goggs
14B Howard
15 Downey, Giblin, Russell, Howard
15A Blackburn, Avon, Saturnia, Coldicott, Horner
16 North Bluff
17 Adria
17A Robson
17B Spring
18 McBeth, Sylvan
18A Tulip Drive
19 Spring
20 Stokes, Matheson, Crutchley
22 Urquhart
23 Griffin
24 Sunnyside
25 Cotton
26 Constable
26A Browning, Knight
27 Kitchner, Coulthard, Trites
27A Williams
28 Oliver, Ocean Park, Brannigan Trail
29 Vandrishe
32 Brown
34 Blumsen
36 Hargraves
40 Kensington Mud Bay, Bradshaw
44 Wade
48 McElroy
50 Cameron, Jamieson
51 North Anderson
51B South Anderson
52 North Anderson, Jamieson
53 Bayview, Colebrook, Peck, Coulthard
54 Peck, Reid
54A Trites, Reid
55 Coulthard, Trites
56 No.10 Highway, New McLellan, McLennan, Milton, Shannon, Dulley, Roberts
56A Robson
57 Melrose
57A Bell, Hawthorne
58 Beaubien, Broadway
58A Bond
59 Armstrong, Hawthorne
59A Breene
60 OldMcLellan, Ewenson, McKinnon
61 Croft
62 Cline, Naso
62A Buckberry, Linden, Taylor
63 Buckberry
64 Bose, Peck, Medd
65A Turnbull
66 Ayerst, Hamilton, Smith, Turnbull
66A Hamilton
68 Adams, Burkhart, Hamilton
70 Aikenhead
72 Newton, Jericho
73 Churchill
74 Regent
75 Gladstone
76 Burke, Maddaugh
78 Baldwin, Mortimer, Tyler
80 Hunt, Serpentine, Grey
80A Windsor
81 Windsor
82 Walnut
82A Lumb, Peek, McCallen
83 Livingstone, Lumb, Peek
84 Walden, Richardson
86 Stafford Drive, Warre II
88 Davis, Kennedy, Holt, Bailey
89A Maldon (circa 1977)
90 Fyfe, Munro, Nesbitt, Palmer, Gibson
91 Hart
92 Northline, White, Hore
94 Brooks, Hill
94A Clay
95 Clay
95A Higham
96 Townline, Wilson
96A Arthur, Perry
96B Donald
97 Albert, Hume
97A Bullock, Wicks, Donald
98 Forrest, Hannah, Pinewood Crescent
98A Gasmo, Grove Crescent, Caslor
99 Boone, Telegraph, Margaret, Victoria
99A Everall
100 Westminster, Everall
100A Binnie, Hedon
101A Chickadee Lane
101B Albin
102 Henderson, Oak, Schultz
102A Dunn
102B Stead
103 Pine, Stead
103A Dowling, Manson
104 Hjorth
104A Edwayne, Leroy, Parkinson
105 Larkin, Nolan
105A Banta, McFarlane, Leroy, McGrath, Parker
106 Darling, Mclntosh
106A Marshall, Stadium
107 Lorenz
107A Collins, Mutch
108 Ferguson(runs into Old Yale)
109 Gowan
110 Brentwood Drive, Nordsun
110A Cuthbert, Irving
111 Gregory, Tobacco, Wagner
111A Irving
112 North
112A Coventry, Sunset
112B Duncan
113 Hanson
113A Bennett, Rathbun, Fletton
113B Fletton
114 Keith, Markham, Ridpath
114A Randolph, Stanley
114B Stoney
115 Ewen
115A Dumbarton, Nottingham, Oxford
115B Port Mann
116 Cambridge, Industrial, Port Mann
116A King
117 Cornwall, Main, Industrial
117A Railway


Roads that run north south have been named Streets.

120 Scott
120A First Avenue, First Road
121 Smith, Second Avenue (Second Road)
121A Dogwood
122 Kirkbride, Murray, Rourke
123 Bourne, Lennie, Fourth, Third Road
123A Fourth Road
124 Cedar, Hickleton, Liverpool, Ocean Park
124A Beaver
125 Helene Drive, Ramm, Salten, School
125A Mary, Riverview, Gypsum, Station
125B Dibley, Westerman, Bate
126 Ocean Park, Tullock, William, Westerman
126A Beckstrom
127 Comes, George, Beckstrom, Pearson, Welch
127A John, Mill
128 Sandell, Stevenson, Milliken Trail
(access down cliff to beach)
128A Candaele, McArthur
129 Baird, Brown, Jorgensen, Milligan
129A Tuttle, View
129B Taylor
130 Broatch, Flanagan, Harris
130A Olympic, Severson
131 Langley, Olympic View
131A Bayview, Goulette, Olympic
132 Roebuck, Wright
132A Saskatchewan
132B Creelman
133 Chaplin, Dean, Moth, Creelman, Saskatchewan
133A Wagstaff
134 Unwin
134A McAlpine, Burroughs, Mennonite
135 Burroughs
135B Bruce, Riverview
136 King George VI Highway, Bergstrom, Gordon
136A Deanna, Goldie, Speers, Tarkington
136B Ramsay
137 Bergenear, Devon, Fraser, Kathleen, Creelman
137A Robert, Taylor
137B Cunningham Place
138 Rowberry (sometimes spelled Roeberry), Sullivan
138A Hoehn
139 Forsythe, Hoech
139A Cecil, Dundee, Ness, Cory
140 Nichol, Dingwall, Cecil
140A Douglas, Waddell, Columbia
141 Columbia, Goudette, Stauffer
141A Dumfries, Coventry Drive, Schultz
142 Anhorm, Currie Drive, McLeod, Sievert
142A Bishop
142B McRae
143 Kerfoot, Graham, Sievert
143A Argyle, Brearley
144 Archibald
144A Centre Drive
145 Centre
145A Williams
146 Goldstone, Surrey
147 Anderson
148 Bon Accord, Jessfield, Oxford, Rankin, Roxbourgh
148A Dalkieth
149 Hutchinson, Everall
150 Holly, Blackwood
150A Martin
151 Foster
151A Martin, Winter
152 Johnston
152A "G" Street, George
153 "F" Street, Fir
153A Merklin
154 Best, Punt, Sherry
154A Bakken
156 Clow, Finlay
156A Sunrise Drive, Ranier, Maple
157 Buckley, Lumbum, Lee
157A Parker
158 Bertram, Swank, Kent, Cook
158A Habgood
159 Francis, Readman, Stevens
159A Readman
160 Boothroyd, Pike, Stayte
161 Hassell, McDonald
162 Frost, Francis
162A Mitchell
163 Mitchell
164 Blake, Holmes, Shepherd
168 Coast Meridian
170 Second Road, Wakefield
170A Moore, Third Road
171 Bennett, Fallowfield, Third Avenue
171A Lane Road
172 Murphy, Paris
172A Ketchison
173 Barton
173A O'Brien
173B Currie
174 Haddon, Currie
175 Surrey
176 Clover Valley Road, Pacific Highway
176A King, Hyde
177 Hyde
177B Maine
178A Clarke, Maine
179 Clarke, Gordon, North, Brickyard
180 Fern, Gordon South, Pratt
181A Highland
182 Beveridge, Jones, Thomas, Gordon
182A Brickyard
183 Brickyard
184 Hall's Prairie
186 Hillcrest Drive
187 Edenholm
188 Erickson, Lawrence, Siddons, Render
188A Welsh
189 Welsh Road North, Welsh Road South
190 Broadway, Downs, Finlay
192 Latimer
194 Worfolk
195 Kells
196 Kells
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