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The Hadden Family of Elgin, Surrey

The genealogy and the resulting write up for this family research was conducted by Barbara Hadden and Wendy Gust. The booklet produced was made available for on line publication by Bob Hadden.

The Hadden family has its origins in Scotland. The known family history begins in the Parish of Maryculter, Kincardine, Scotland. Maryculter is located about seven miles from the center of Aberdeen City on the south side of the river Dee. Maryculter was and is still today a rural area with no town or urban centers. Generations of the Hadden family lived and worked in Maryculter or in the Parishes of Drumoak or Peterculter both located in the Dee valley.

Parish Church Maryculter

This is the Parish Church of Maryculter taken in 2004. The church was erected in 1782 at the roadside on the upper slopes of the Parish. James Hadden was baptized in this Parish Church.

James Hadden was born to James Hadden and Jane Wood on Ordhill farm, Drumoak, Aberdeen, Scotland on the 2nd of October 1834. In about 1850, when he was 16 years old James left home. With the port city of Aberdeen being only 11 miles away this is the most likely start of James' journey to Canada.

Dallmick Church

This is the remains of the Parish Church of Dalmaik Kirk taken in 2001. James and Jane were married in this church. When the Church was abandoned in 1837 it was thought to be about 300 years old. James Hadden was baptized in this Parish Church on the October 21st, 1834.

1882 Directory

This is the 1882 Directory for Simcoe County, Ontario which shows James Hadden's Saw and Shingle Mill.

On the 31st of May, 1861, James Hadden married Mary Kennedy, the marriage took place in Hamilton, Ontario and on the marriage registration James indicates he is living in the nearby township of Nelson. Mary Kennedy, was the daughter of David Kennedy and Isabella Ramsay, she was born about 1835 in Scotland. James and Mary had three children: Jane, born May 6, 1862; James, born Feb 1, 1864 but died within 18 months; David, born Dec. 28, 1865. Mary (Kennedy) Hadden died in 1868. James was left with two very young children; Jane, 6 years old and David aged three. James and the children were living in Nassagaweya Township close to his brother Robert and his wife Isabella who most likely looked after the two children.

The next year, on May 4th, 1869 James married Mary Elizabeth Trimble who would help him raise his young family. Mary said she was born at sea on December 13, 1851 and her fathers' name was John Trimble. James and Mary moved to Wentworth County were James jr. was born.

James Hadden and Mary Elizabeth Trimble had eight children:

In 1871 James and Mary were living in East Famborough Township, Wentworth County and James was working as a millwright for Robert Thompson, a mill owner. In 1873 Robert Thompson sent James up to Medonte to set up and manage a saw mill. Thompson had acquired 324 hectares of timber and by agreement James Hadden built a mill and dwellings on this land. James owned the mill and machinery, but he sawed lumber for himself and Thompson. The two men paid the wages of an accountant to keep records of what each partner was entitled to. This was a large mill with cutting capacity of 3 to 5 million board feet annually. The mill was in operation from 1873 to 1875 when it disappears from the assessment records. The mill probably burnt and was not rebuilt.

James was in Medonte Township in 1876 when his daughter Elizabeth Jane was born but by 1878 he is in Orillia Township. On July 1, 1878 James is appointed postmaster of the village of Foxmead, Orillia Township, Simcoe County. He held this position until he resigned of the 25th of August 1891.

In July of 1881, James Hadden purchased 100 acres of timber bearing land from the Georgian Bay Lumber Company for the sum of $10,000.00, $5,000.00 was cash and the rest mortgaged. Within the next few years James acquired more land and became one of the largest lumber producers in North Orillia. The business flourished through out the 1880s and in 1883 James built an addition to the mill. In 1884 disaster struck with part of the mill burning down when a spark from a passing train started a fire. The saw mill and shingle mill burned to the ground with only the planning mill being saved. James was not fully covered by insurance but rebuilt a larger and better mill. By 1891 James had 14 men, including his two sons, working the mills. In the fall and winter James fired extra men for the logging camps. These camps were built along the tram lines James built to carry the logs to his mill. The tramway was about 3 miles long and it was used to transport not only James' own logs but also logs for other lumbermen and farmers. These logs were either sawn at the Hadden Mill or shipped out on the Grand Trunk Railway, which ran alongside the mill.

Foxmead Lumber Mill 1890 plan of Foxmead

This is the Hadden Mill that James Hadden built in Foxmead, Ontario.
The accompanying map shows the village of Foxmead in 1890.

James was known to have a violent temper, which caused a few problems. In March of 1886, James had an altercation with Ebenezer Clancy over how Mr. Clancy was talking to Mrs. Hadden. The ensuing fight resulted in Mr. Clancy complaining to the Post Office Inspector that Mr. Hadden was not a fit and proper person to keep a Post Office. On the 29th of March 1887 a postal inspector visited Foxmead and held an enquiry into the character and suitability of Mr. Hadden to continue as postmaster. In the Inspector's report to the Postmaster General he recommended that the post office remain in James Hadden's hands. James kept the post office until he resigned on the 25th of August 1891 when he moved to British Columbia. James T. Angus - Mills and Mill Villages of Severn Township.

On November 14, 1888 James and Mary parted and entered into a separation agreement. Mary moved into the town of Orillia and on November 16 she signed a Release of Dower agreement. By 1891 Mary was living in Stouffville and has taken James to court to collect the money owed for alimony and child support. In the court judgment, dated February 11, 1892, James owes alimony and child support for March of 1891. The court finds that James owned 1198 acres in North Orillia and James is ordered to pay $25.00 per month alimony and $35.00 per month child support. The overdue amount of $385.00 is to be paid direct to Mary’s lawyer in Toronto on February 1, 1892.

In the 1891 census James is living in North Orillia. He has two people living with him; James Dougald and Lori Cunningham. Lori is his housekeeper and James Dougald is a domestic. James Hadden and Laura Ball Cunningham were never married to each other. Laura was born in Medonte, Simcoe County on October 9, 1859. She had been previously married. By the end of 1891 James is preparing to move to BC with Laura and their daughter Laura, born in Foxmead on July 22, 1890.

The Hadden family came to New Westminster, by train in 1892, and lived at 21 Keary Street in New Westminster. James was living in New Westminster by April 2, 1892 when he gives Power of Attorney to Archibald Russell of Orillia to enable him to take care of his interests in Ontario.

James Hadden and Laura Ball Cunningham had six children:

The Hadden Family c1910

This is a picture of the extended Hadden Family taken in the family home in Elgin around 1910.

Back row – Archibald McGregor, Lil McGregor holding Dorothy, Christina Profit holding Lillian, William James Hadden

Table row – Jean, Patsy & Emma Hadden, Don & Doris McGregor, Dougal, Gertrude, Laura Sr., & Laura Jr. Hadden

Sides of table – David Hadden, James Hadden

In the 1893 William's City Directory or New Westminster, James Hadden is living at 1029 3rd Avenue and is listed as a machinist. James and his family lived here until they purchased the property in Elgin in 1908 and moved there shortly after. In the 1901 census for New Westminster James, Laura and the six children are all listed with their birth dates. James is shown as owning 5 city lots with 4 houses that would have been rented out for income. James had a machine shop at the house and also built boats for use on the river. In his letter books, James makes mention of looking for buyers for the boats he had built. In one letter to a prospective buyer James tells him of a boat he built, the New Denver that was being used on Slocan Lake. James also owned Mainland Pottery in New Westminster but could not find a qualified person to run it for him so he had to shut it down at a loss.

By 1900 James and his son David(David was from the first marriage with Mary Kennedy) were starting to build a mill in Cloverdale, according to an account kept by James and Laura. The mill was built on leased property. The total cost to get the mill up and running was $4466.12. This mill began operation in 1902. David had come out to BC with James in the early 1890s but returned to BC around 1898.

Clover Milling Co. Cloverdale Milling Company

The mill was known as the Cloverdale Milling Company and operated by James Hadden and David Hadden but later took in a Mr. Laking as a partner. The Saw and Shingle Mill was located on the north east corner of Clover Valley Road and the McLellan Road (Hwy 15 and 60th Ave.). This is the present location of the Cloverdale Senior Center. The mill was built on a spur of the Westminster Southern Railway. The mill dredged a pond in Cloverdale Creek and used local timber from the Clayton area. The mill opened in 1900 and operated successfully but as local timber supplies came to an end the mill closed in 1908.

Hadden's Shingle Mill

A shingle mill was opened in 1902 and operated, by David Hadden, south of McLellan Road where Cloverdale Creek turned west and crossed Clover Valley Road. David Hadden also operated a store in Cloverdale and lived in a home on Hadden Road west of Clover Valley Road.

In 1907 Laura purchased property in Elgin. The mill in Cloverdale was dismantled and moved to the Elgin property. James and young William James operated it and the mill was named J. Hadden & Son. Most of the timber was second growth timber and this operation supplied lumber to many local farmers and business as well as the Municipality of Surrey.

Mill invoice

This is an invoice dated October 14, 1914 showing the letter head of the J. Hadden & Son Lumber Mills in Elgin, BC.

In October of 1908 James was appointed postmaster of Elgin but the post office closed in 1909 with the opening of the Great Northern Sea Line route and the post office openings in White Rock and Crescent Beach.

In January 1911 James is interested in starting up a Barley Mill. He is not sure where to get the proper stone to grind the barley and writes to a least five different people requesting information. James never manages to start a barley mill but he keeps looking for something to do to make money to support the family. James still had young children at home the youngest being Dougal born in 1900 when James was 66. James was not in the best of health as he suffered from varicose veins and he also had a bad hand which he kept covered with a mitt.

James Hadden died on June 19th 1916 at his home in Elgin at the age of 82. He is buried in the family plot in the IOOF Cemetery in New Westminster.

James Hadden

James Hadden
Laura Hadden

Laura Hadden

The Children of James Hadden and Laura Ball Cunningham.

1. Laura Hadden

was born on the 22nd of July 1890 in Foxmead, Ontario and moved with her parents to New Westminster, BC. The family lived in New Westminster until 1908 when they moved to Elgin. Laura met William Ernest Harkleroad who was a tug boat captain living at Crescent Beach. They married in New Westminster on the 10th of October 1914 and shortly after they moved to Blaine, Washington. William was the son of William Harkleroad and Nancy Harper. He was born on the 10th of May 1875 in Goldendale, Washington.

Laura Hadden and William Harkleroad had four children.

1. William Laverne Harkleroad born May 22, 1915, Elgin, BC. He married Isabelle O'Hara. Laverne and Isabelle had four children; Gerald William, Patricia Anne David James, and Wayne Laverne. Laverne died December 22, 2002.

2. Laura Jean Harkleroad, born November 10, 1918 in Blaine Washington. She married John Paul Plese on April 28th, 1945 in Stanwood Washington. John and Laura had two children: Pamela Dorothy born in Seattle; Bonnie Jean born in Seattle.

3. Dorothy Muriel Harkleroad, born February 12, 1922 in Blaine Washington. She died February 13, 1947 in Bellingham Washington.

4. Lloyd James Harkleroad born February 12, 1922 in Blaine Washington. He married Dorothy Ellen Ball on August 21, 1943 in Seaquim, Washington. Lloyd and Dorothy had four children: Robert James, born in Port Angeles, Washington; Sheila Ellen, in Brewster, Washington; Donald Paul born, in Seattle; and Gary Scott born in Seattle.

William Harkleroad died March 14, 1961 in Blaine, Washington. Laura died October 11, 1973 also in Blaine, Washington.

2. Christina Hadden

was born August 1, 1892 in New Westminster, BC. Christina met George Daniel Profit and they married in Vancouver on September 25, 1909. George worked as a logger and in 1924 he applied for a homestead in Durieu, BC. About 1926 George left the family to look for work and it is not known what ever became of him. Christina married Alfred Pelkey and they had one son.

Christina Hadden and George Profit had four children:

1. Lillian Belle Owen born July 21, 1910 in Vancouver, BC. She married Henry Kuhar on December 24, 1931.

2. Benjamin James born August 15, 1912 in Vancouver. He married Thelma Kolterman in Yuma, Arizona. Ben joined the RCAF in 1942 and he was trained as an air gunner. He served overseas and in June of 1944 the plane he went missing during a mission over enemy occupied territory. The plane has never been found and the crew was declared dead. Benjamin and Thelma had one son, Daniel Milton Profit, born in Garden Bay, BC.

3. Ernest Ross born, May 23, 1914 in Otter, BC. He married Daisy Elashuck in Bellingham, Washington. Ross and Daisy had three children: Roberta Carol, born in Vancouver, BC; Brian Ross, born in Garden Bay, BC; Wendy Christina Rose, born in Burnaby, BC.

4. Daisy Muriel, born March 31, 1919 in Chilliwack, BC. Daisy married Milton Frederick Conley in Bellingham, Washington. Daisy and Milton had three children: Jacqueline Carol, born in Garden Bay, BC; Patricia Dawn, born in Mission, BC; Victor Milton Edward, born in Mission, BC.

3. Gertrude Hadden

was born October 16, 1893 in New Westminster, BC. She married Milfred Abrams on April 30, 1915 in Burlington, Washington. Milfred signed up to serve in the Canadian Mounted Rifles in 1902. By 1907 Milfred, his parents, brothers and sisters had moved to New Westminster. Milfred's father, Jonathan Abrams owned the Royal City Laundry in New Westminster where Milfred and his brothers worked.

Gertrude and Milfred had five children:

1. Stanley James Jonathan born August 24, 1916 in New Westminster, BC. Stan married Hilda Vike on April 2, 1936 in New Westminster. Stan was a will know musician and orchestra leader, he also was a partner with brothers Ralph and Howard in the Burnaby Taxi Company. Stan and Hilda had one son Brent. Stan died January 22, 1949 in Burnaby, BC.

2. Ralph Chester was born June 20, 1920 in New Westminster, BC. Ralph married Almira Johnson. They had one son William. Ralph remarried to Edna McFadyen and they had two children: Julie Rae and Milford James.

3. Howard William was born December 20, 1923 in New Westminster, BC. Howard married Nellie Purver in Vancouver, BC. Howard and Nellie had three children; Barbara, Gordon, and Donna.

4. Joy Gertrude was born April 22, 1926 in New Westminster, BC. Joy married Lawrence Fortin in New Westminster. Joy and Lawrence had three children: Diane, Charles and Jeffrey.

5. Kenneth Donald was born August 18, 1931 in New Westminster, BC. Kenneth married Nola Harley. They had three children; Monte, Rhonda and Gregory.

Milford Abrams died on the 25th of July 1958 at home in New Westminster and Gertrude died February 18, 1989 in Burnaby.

4. William James Hadden

was born on September 24, 1894 in New Westminster, BC. In 1908 the family purchased property in Elgin where they built a saw mill. (see Elgin) William (Billy) operated the saw mill in partnership with his father James. (see Mills) William met May McBride as she traveled to and from the Mud Bay School on the Semiahmoo Road (what is now King George Highway). May was born on May 20, 1892 on the family farm in Mud Bay. She was the youngest daughter of William and Victoria McBride who came from New Brunswick in the early 1880s and stayed in Vancouver before moving to the farm in Mud Bay. They married on August 27,1915 at the McBride farm in Mud Bay. When they first married William and May stayed with William's parents, James and Laura. William bought the original property in Elgin in 1919 from Laura and raised their family of eleven children there.

William James Hadden worked to support his family in many ways. He did mill work in partnership with his father, James, built many barns in the community, built boats, did machine work on the lathe, blacksmithed, fished, ran a water taxi/freight boat on the Nicomekl River until the improvement in roads and bus or car transportation cut into his business. The boat Port Elgin was then converted into a freight boat. (see Water Transportation) William was also instrumental in the building of the control dam on the Nicomekl River near his property.

May took care of the home and children as well as looking after the vegetable garden, the milk cow, chickens and pigs and anything else that needed doing. All this in addition to raising eleven children.

Hadden family home

The original family home was located to the right of this picture and closer to the river.
The home was destroyed by fire in 1929 and not rebuilt immediately due to the depression.

May and Bill Hadden

This is May and William after the family home burned down. Bill and May lived in a makeshift home while Bill and his youngest brother Doug built a new home. As both men were working to support families they could only work on building the house in their spare time. The house was finally finished in time for Edith May's wedding in March 1942.

Bill and May Hadden's family

William and May's family
William (Billy) and May had eleven children:

1. James, born September 11, 1915 and died December 25, 1920 in Vancouver, BC.

2. Ernest Edward was born on January 3, 1917 in Elgin, BC. He married Cora Taylor on December 31, 1945 and they had one daughter, Valerie. Ernest died in Bella Coola on October 24, 1967.

3. Edith May, born July 3, 1919 in Elgin, BC. Edith May married Earl Dinsmore on March 20, 1942 in Surrey, BC. Edith and Earl had two children; Lorraine, and Linda. Earl died on November 20, 1990 in Kersley, BC.

4. Robert Cormoc was born October 20, 1920 in Elgin, BC. Robert married Phyllis Garett. They had one daughter Marilyn. Robert married Clara Kisslinger and they had two children; Robert, and Vernon.

5. Howard was born on February 13, 1923 in Elgin, BC. Howard married Lillian Ostergard in Surrey, BC. They had four children; Harry, Victoria, Tom, and Sam.

6. William was born October 25, 1924 in Elgin, BC. William married Selma Peterson and they had five children; Lawrence, Richard, Daniel, Beverly, and William. William died on May 17, 1988 in Vancouver, BC.

7. Leonard was born April 25, 1926 in Elgin, BC. Leonard married Belle Peek and they had three children; Shirley, Kathy, and Don. Leonard died on July 5, 1998 in Surrey, BC.

8. Margaret Jean was born in Elgin, BC. Margaret Jean married Douglas Lewis and they had three children; Clifford, Norma and Reginald.

9. Norman was born in Langley Prairie, BC. Norman married Barbara and they had three children: Kevin, Brent, and Bradley.

10. Duncan was born on November 30, 1932 in Elgin, BC. Duncan married June Wickland and they had three children; Maria, Paul, and Mark. Duncan died on February 17, 2004.

11. Virginia was born in Langley Prairie, BC. Virginia married Thomas Saunders and they had two children; Steven and Brian.

5. James E. Hadden

was born on November 3, 1898 in New Westminster, BC and died on December 9, 1904.

6. Dougal Hadden

was born on August 20th 1900 in New Westminster, BC. Dougal married Bertha Jones in New Westminster, BC. Dougal worked as a machinist for the Royal City Laundry for years.

Dougal and Bertha lived in New Westminster and had two children:

1. Frederick John was born August 25, 1925 in New Westminster. Frederick married Hope Dayton and they had three children; William John, Susan Jean, and Sharon Ann. Frederick died on October 21, 1982 and Hope died on December 16, 2000.

2. James was born August 15, 1928 in New Westminster, BC. James married Betty Bird in London England and they had six children; Patricia, Brenda, Christine, James, Janet, and Catherine.

Bertha died on April 7, 1970 and Dougal died October 28, 1980.

Many members of the Hadden family continue to live in Surrey, BC.

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