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Endersby Hill Store

Steven Canvin descended from the Endersby family and he is related to the Endersbys who settled Endersby Hill. One of his cousins, Alice Leonora Endersby Orton Harris wrote a short history of her family for the West Panorama Ridge Ratepayers' Association. Steven provided the pictures and Newsletter article.

Enderby Hill Store 1957

Endersby Hill Store

Enderby Hill

Endersby Hill

Endersby Hill area map

Endersby Hill area map

Steven's Grandfather, James Edward Endersby (1898–1969) took a vacation in 1957 in which he visited the Endersby Hill area and took a couple of pictures. He took a picture of the Endersby Hill Store run by my cousin, Anna (aka Hannah) Endersby Archibald (1893–1974) and a picture looking down the hill (I think). It is hard to tell where the latter picture was taken as the neighborhood has changed dramatically since those pictures were taken. My Aunt Jean Endersby Rockey did write on the slide that it was Enderby Hill.

West Panorama Ridge Spring 2013 Newsletter Page 11
Long time resident remembers life on Endersby Hill – a few decades ago.

Walter and Sarah Endersby moved to B.C. in the late 1890s. They first lived in New West but logged the heavily forested areas of Panorama Ridge and Sunshine Hills. The logs were skidded down the hill through log chutes which the family greased. Horses then pulled the logs through a ditch to Mud Bay where they were barged away at high tide. There was a forest fire on the Ridge around 1920. My grandparents eventually settled on the Delta side of Scott Road.

Charles (Charlie) Endersby, started school at age 3 as there were a minimum number of students required to start Strawberry Hills School. In 1911 he was lost for 3 days while hunting in Burns Bog. Charlie married Alice in 1924. They lived in White Rock and Vancouver where my father worked at various mills. My aunt, Anna Endersby Archibald, opened a store at the southwest corner of Scott Road and New McLellan in the 1930s. Our family moved here in 1948 and mom enjoyed running Endersby Hill store from 1948 to about 1955. She loved her job so much that a second storey was added to the building and became their home. The only phone in the area and the bus stop for trips to New West and Vancouver were located there. Hwy. 10 didn't exist then and the road to Ladner Trunk Road (Hwy.10) went downhill beside their property. There was a motorcycle hill climb on a nearby hill. A gas station was run on the Surrey side by Laurent Denis and a small restaurant operated there for a while in the 50s and 60s. Colebrook United Church was a very active place for the entire community. I moved here from S. Vancouver at age 18 and very proudly drove my maroon 1938 Chevy to work in New West every day. Not many 19 year old girls had their own car in those days! I married in 1954 and we purchased 1 acre of land on 53 Ave. for $2500. Everyone told us we were crazy to live in the middle of nowhere. My husband built our house and garage by himself. We lived in the garage while he built the house. He only lived in our new house for 6 weeks as he unfortunately died in 1967 at age 38.

My marriage to my present husband took place in 1969. I became the family matriarch and proud mother of 4 step children. Descendants of Walter and Sarah still enjoy living on Panorama Ridge. Many changes have made life easier but I think the greatest change on the Ridge is the diversity of ethnicity as so many people discover our wonderful neighborhood.

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